About Me

MSc Osteopathy (Pre-Reg) Student; BSc Hons Sports Therapist

Sports Massage Therapist; Medical Acupuncturist

Lvl 3 Personal Trainer; Lvl 2 Fitness Consultant

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Hey guys, My name’s Modestas, or just Mo, and this is my exercise and well-being blog. I was involved in sports and physical activity for as long as I can remember but I wasn’t very fortunate and sustained a considerable tally of injuries. Some were minor but some required surgical intervention. The recovery process was varied. Some experiences were great, but some. lets say, could have been better, hence, I decided to become a health and fitness professional so that I could help people in their journey of recovery regardless on what the aim is.

I played badminton, basketball, football and practiced Muay Thai. The latter did’t go very well as I got my ribs cracked, however, it was an awesome experience. My main achievements were in football, i managed to play 7 years at a very high level back in Lithuania before I torn my left ACL when I was 15 years old as far as I remember πŸ€”. It was devastating at the time, the recovery was very long, it took doctors approximately a year to make a decision to send me for an MRI and another year to recover after the operation. Few years later I joined my parents who were Living in England already.

Soon after I moved in I discovered health and fitness and only in couple of years I did my first NVQ certificate in fitness instructing. That was a breaking point in my life and now I am BSc Hons Sports Therapist, Sports Massage Therapist, Medical Acupuncturist and MSc Osteopathy (Pre-reg) student at the University College of Osteopathy.

Today I occasionally play tennis, cycle or ply golf alongside some general fitness to help me stay pain free and improve my function.

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Why I Decided To Blog

It was a long and hard decision to make, however, here I am… πŸ‘€ I came across many social media health and fitness or health and well being, or injury prevention…. see where i’m going with this… pages and encountered many various opinions, advises and posts. Obviously that’s one of the reasons why we have internet πŸ™Œ, however, to me it seems like there is a lot of content but not much honesty and compassion to actually help people to understand their bodies better, move easier and achieve more regardless of the fitness level or competition. So this is where MoActive Therapy comes in…..

What Content To Expect

I will be posting exercises for strengthening weaker links, injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, joint mobility drills and self maintenance drills suitable for different levels of fitness which will be evidence informed and tested in my own, 3 year and running, practice as the BSc Sports Therapist and hopefully Osteopath to be soon 🀞. Evidence based practice seems to be having a huge impact on nowadays health and well-being practitioners, however, there are many, and I mean many, anecdotal articles which results in ongoing debates about what works and what doesn’t. So as I mentioned earlier, my blog will be evidence informed. The main difference is that if one is evidence based, that suggests that one must base all practice including exercise prescription and manual therapy on latest evidence. Whereas when I say evidence informed, I mean that I take into account the research, however, I put it in practice, analyse it, observe the outcome, criticise it and see if evidence works in real life. I believe this is what makes a good practitioner.

Working Hard

Thank You!

Thank you for those who read this. It is invaluable for me, I truly hope that with your support this blog will have a positive impact on people point of view to self care, regardless if it is a injury recovery, injury prevention or strengthening and loosening weak and achy body parts! STAY Tuned